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DipTrace Full Lifetime Activation

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DipTrace is a powerful and user-friendly PCB (Printed Circuit Board) design software. DipTrace provides a comprehensive solution to design, draw, and create PCBs with ease.

Using DipTrace, you can create electronic schematics with various components such as resistors, capacitors, transistors, and more. The software comes with various symbols and electronic components that you can use in the schematic design.

Once you have finished designing the schematic, DipTrace allows you to switch to PCB layout. In layout mode, you can physically place components on the PCB and connect them with copper traces. DipTrace offers a variety of tools that help you place components with accuracy and efficiency, as well as optimize copper traces for best performance.

DipTrace also provides a simulation function that allows you to check the reliability and performance of PCB designs before physical production. Using simulation, you can test electrical paths, analyze timings, and perform various other tests to ensure that your PCB design works properly.

DipTrace supports a variety of industry-standard file formats, allowing you to collaborate with manufacturing vendors and use different production equipment.

All in all, DipTrace is a PCB design software that provides a complete and easy-to-use tool to help you plan your PCB design.

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Electronic schematic circuit

Schematic Capture

Hierarchical multi-sheet schematics

and advanced verification features.

Convert schematic to PCB

and back annotate easily. Wide import/export capabilities.

Printed circuit board

PCB Layout

Board design with manual routing

and shape-based autorouter.

Real-time DRC, high-speed

and differential signals, 3D preview, STEP export, Gerber and ODB++ manufacturing output.

Electronic component footprint


Easy creation and import of new

components. IPC-7351 Pattern

Generator, ready-to-go templates

and smart bulk editing tools.

160,000 packaged components and

free access to over 10 million parts.

3D Printed Circuit Board

3D Modeling

Real-time 3D PCB preview at

any stage of development.

In-built 3D model generation tools

and 11,000+ ready-to-use

package models. STEP and VRML

mechanical CAD export.


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