Football Scoreboard 6 Lifetime

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Original price was: Rp1,500,000.00.Current price is: Rp500,000.00.


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✅ SoccerBoard 6.0.11 new update 2024

✅ 1PC license only means that it can only be used on 1 PC, the license cannot be transferred to another PC.

✅ The license file will work on the PC where is activated

✅ Active Period: Lifetime (can reinstall), Warranty 1 Years

✅ Support: Windows 10, 11

✅ Update Application: No

✅ Install Instructions: Available (video/text)

✅ It should be noted, buying = understanding product use

Files & Prices may increase or decrease at any time

Language Supports

soccerboard © has English, Dutch, Chinese – 中文, Arabic – العربية, German, Spanish, French, Hungarian, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Turkish user interface and menu language support.”

Suitable for all world languages and alphabets for display on the scoreboard screen.

Lifetime License and Free Mobile Remote Control

“The soccerboard © license is valid for lifetime, and possible updates avaliable for 2 years free of charge. There is also free remote control app for iPhone and Android.”

Live Camera/Video Support

soccerboard © supports live camera on the scoreboard using free OBS software.”
Also soccerboard © has a screen capture features that shows the selected area on the computer screen on the LED display.

Extra App for Extra Wide Displays

Player6 application comes with soccerboard ©, allows you to can play ads/videos on the left/right edges of extra wide LED screens.

You can Edit all Objects

User-Replaceable designs. In addition, you will be able to create and save different designs and choose templates that are ready.
The user can edit the locations, colors, sizes, fonts all of the objects on the scoreboard. You will use the power of CSS style while doing all this.



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Frequent questions about licenses

We will send the license to your email, after you send the HWID serial as we explained in the text guide or video guide.

for 1 PC variation, the license cannot be transferred to another computer.
for UNLIMITED PC variation, the license can be transferred and used on other computers

license will be able to be used forever as long as there is no ssd/hard drive hardware change.

Football Scoreboard 6 Lifetime
Original price was: Rp1,500,000.00.Current price is: Rp500,000.00.