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Release 24.0.0


  • DARK INTERFACE THEME: Open general preferences to switch between the light and the dark interface color scheme.


  • Optimized performance while updating a currently displayed word frequency result table or a Word Cloud after editing stop list items.
  • Optimized performance while opening or filtering a large number of memos in the Memo Manager. Both actions are now 50% faster.
  • “All Memos” icon added to the Memos menu tab. Click the icon to view all of the memos in your project in the Memo Manager.
  • Faster scrolling in the Document Browser: Middle-click using the mouse wheel to activate quick scrolling in text and PDF documents.


  • Fixes an issue that prevented users working on a Mac from selecting Excel files as external files in the Stats module (Analytics Pro).
  • Fixes an issue where the information in the bottom toolbar about the number of currently activated documents and codes was not immediately updated as soon as a document group or a top-level code was deleted.
  • Fixes an issue where the option to differentiate tables by Document Sets was not available immediately after creating a new Document Set.
  • Fixes an issue while displaying text segments inside the Smart Coding Tool where the first character of a segment was missing.
  • Fixes an issue while handling specific special characters for text that is copied from the Document Browser window into some text editing tools.
  • Fixes an issue while highlighting search terms in the List of Documents if the document name contains specific special characters.
  • Fixes an issue while importing variables from Excel files where MAXQDA did not recognize existing integer variables if the variable description contained more than the limit of 63 characters.
  • Fixes an issue while sorting variables in various variable selection dialogues. They are now sorted in the same order as they are in the List of Document Variables.
  • Fixes an issue while using Shift + arrow keys to extend a text selection in the Document Browser if the text was selected from the bottom upwards.
  • Fixes several display issues that occurred while using a monitor with the display scaling set to 300% (Windows)

Descriptive statistics in Maxqda Analytics Pro 2024

Create base plots to compare frequencies and percentages for variables or codes.

Frequency tables are interactive – delete and merge columns or rows with automatic recalculation of percentages.

Create customizable charts and graphs for your results and copy them to the output display or directly into your reports and presentations.

Calculate descriptive statistical parameters including mean, standard deviation, variance, quartiles, median and range.

Compare groups in Maxqda Analytics Pro 2024

There are various methods to discover the relationship between two or more variables.

Crosstab is one of the basics that no statistical program can be without:

They are easily customizable and can provide valuable insight for everyone, not just statisticians

Highlighting features make interpretation of results quick and easy.

If you are looking for something more advanced, you can compare the effect of one factor in different groups with ANOVA .

Correlation in Maxqda Analytics Pro 24

One of the most basic statistical methods for discovering connections within your data is examining correlations  .

The Stats module enables you

To calculate two commonly used correlation coefficients with a few mouse clicks: Pearsons r and Spearmans Rho

Scale, Compute & Recode

Creating a custom scale can be a great way to accurately measure the dimensions you are most interested in.

Compute Cronbach’s Alpha to check reliability .

Store the scales as new variables and calculate the sum or average of the item values.

Create new variables by calculating or recoding the values ​​of existing variables.

User-friendly output display

Ease of use has always been recognized as an important feature of the MAXQDA product family.

And with MAXQDA Analytics Pro, we’ve extended our high standard of usability in the realm of statistical analysis.

The integrated output display is just one of the many features we’ve implemented to fulfill this promise.

But it is one of the main ones: every table and graph is sent to the output viewer with just one click.

No matter what you do in the meantime – the output will be waiting to be transferred to your report with a simple copy and paste.


Maxqda Analytics Pro

Version 22.8, Version 24


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