Winmostar V11.7.2 Professional Edition Premium License Lifetime

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Winmostar is an integrated GUI software that provides a simulation environment for
quantum chemical calculations
, molecular dynamics calculations
, and first-principles calculations .
It has a history of more than 20 years and is still evolving today.

What is Winmostar

Winmostar uses MO , DFT , and MD calculation programs (solvers) as backends, and
provides their pre/post processing and file/process management functions.
Supported solvers include GAMESS, Gaussian, LAMMPS, and Quantum ESPRESSO.

Winmostar is software that is installed and used on a Windows computer.
For small-scale calculations, a series of operations can be completed with just one computer.
If necessary, you can also use the resources of large computers in the cloud and inside and outside the company .

Main features of Winmostar

Creation of various atomic and molecular structures
Simple and flexible calculation condition setting
Seamless switching between various computational resources (local PCs, servers, various clouds)
Automatic management of huge file processes
Conversion of simulation data
Analysis and visualization of calculation results, calculation of various physical properties

What you can do with Winmostar

Efficient and advanced material development

Atomic-scale high-precision simulations enable the visualization of phenomena that are difficult to observe experimentally and the screening of candidate materials. Click here

 for introduction results and user cases Click here
 for calculation and support cases

Perform calculations with a beginner-friendly GUI and support

More than 45 types of physical properties can be obtained by simple mouse operations even for beginners. Even if you are interested in simulation technology but do not have the confidence to conduct joint research with a university, our experienced staff will support you in an easy-to-understand manner. Click here

 for a list of computable atomic structures and physical properties Click here
 for support details

Performs practical calculations for professional use

With a variety of functions that have supported the research results of 290 organizations for more than 20 years, Winmostar can perform academic paper-level calculations that even front-line researchers can satisfy. Click here

 for a list of user cases and cited papers
Click here for a list of functions Click here for
updates from previous versions

Winmostar demo in 2 minutes


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Winmostar V11.7.2 Professional Edition Premium License Lifetime
Original price was: Rp1,500,000.00.Current price is: Rp350,000.00.
1 item sold