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New Features Atlas ti.23

✔ Co-occurrence network creation with an interactive interface
✔ AI-powered automatic code generation
✔ Improved user interface

Why ATLAS.ti

ATLAS.ti facilitates data analysis in various areas, including education, psychology, sociology, health, engineering, IT, social sciences, religious studies, history, law, anthropology, criminology, UX, UI, market research, tourism, economics, medicine, management, policy, ecology and much more.

ATLAS.ti & OpenAI: Gain qualitative insights in minutes instead of weeks

Turbocharge your research with our OpenAI-powered software, boosting your efficiency up to 10X. Forget about endless manual coding and enjoy the convenience of fully automated code generation, allowing you to shift your focus to assessing your work for better and faster results.

  • Reduce your overall data analysis time by up to 90% with the power of OpenAI.
  • Increase the accuracy of your results thanks to advanced AI models and algorithms.
  • Save valuable time with various automated and semi-automated research tools.

All tools & features in one package, no extra costs

With ATLAS.ti, you don’t need to pay extra to unlock new tools or additional analysis options. Instead, we offer you one complete software package at an unbeatable price-performance ratio that no other software provider can match – check for yourself.

  • Always maintain access to all available research tools and analysis features.
  • Get regular free software updates regardless of your license type.
  • Leverage the full power of ATLAS.ti without the need to pay for upgrades or higher versions.

Real-time collaboration for teams through Web

Easily streamline your projects across different teams and departments in real-time. Each code is visibly assigned to a team member. Combine your strengths, share tasks and minimize the time spent analyzing and interpreting data.

  • Collaborate effortlessly with colleagues across teams and divisions.
  • Easily invite members to your projects and optimize efficiency.
  • Every interaction takes place in real-time and is instantly visible.

New Code Co-Occurrence Tools

Arguably one of the most important analysis tools can be found in our code co-occurrence section. ATLAS.ti 23 introduces the next evolution of this popular analysis feature – offering substantial improvements that will make your analysis even more powerful, easier to use, and fun.

Visualize like never before 🤩

The newly designed results view presents overlapping co-occurrences in an intuitive and much easier-to-understand way than before, reducing the need to jump into the document for context. But that’s still only a click away, should the need arise. Of course, you can also modify your coding right from this view.

Advanced Auto Coding powered by AI

Hand-in-hand with the new co-occurrence tools, we have further developed our automatic coding tools.

Benefit from advanced search

Our previous release has already introduced full-text search with lemmatization and synonyms, named entity recognition, sentiment analysis, and search using regular expressions. These powerful machine-learning-based algorithms still run entirely offline on your device.

Leverage natural language processing 🤖

With ATLAS.ti 23, we have extended the capability of our auto coding tools’ ability to restrict a search to coded quotations. For example, you can now do a sentiment analysis and auto code all quotations coded with a specific code with just a few clicks.

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ATLAS.ti 23.1 Commercial Lifetime License
Original price was: Rp350,000.00.Current price is: Rp195,000.00.
1 item sold